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by Nicole Lui |


Sleep is supposed to be the most natural, effortless essential we are born with.  Ever since labour hours, human social pattern, eating habit, lifestyle or ADHD brain evolved, sleep goes from personal to physiological process; magical to medical; bedroom slowly go from a place for sleep & sexual intimacy to a place for staring at mobile screens.

Yes, Sleep and skin-body-mental health go hand-in-hand.  They are individuals, like you and your co-workers, work on your own parts but also work as a team. The whole team gets affected if one thing messes up the project.  Your body is the same, especially when the body's biological clock is disrupted due to busy networking, partying, working up late, parenting, shift work, then one symptom shows up, other things start occurring like a chain effect.  


Your body boots blood flow to the skin during sleep, when you start building up relationship with sleep deprivation, it increases insulin resistance and turnover rate of skin cell.  That means those dead skin cells will block the pores with less blood flow to skin, and here comes the manifestation of dull skin, dark circles, and wrinkles.

While you snooze, your body produces precious hormones that help you grow ( mostly for children but I assume you don't mind to get an inch taller *wink* ) , beneficial to cell repairing, build muscle mass, and fight infections.  In tune with your body clock is vital, body detoxifies and make the most major repairs between 10pm and 2am, if you are an night owl, your cell repairing process get slowed down and your body stores up more toxins. Sleep quality also affects the trillion (about 2 pounds) of bacteria in your gut. Now you might realize it's something that you can't really ignore!

Ever had a long sleep and still wake up tired or feeling sluggish?!  Long sleep doesn't mean you are fully charged.  Based on researches shows poor sleep quality links to externalizing behaviors (1) , not only compromises your productivity and safety (as dangerous as drunk driving), it also triggers chronic inflammation in your brain and body, in order affects your mental health.

Risks From Sleep Deprivation

  • - Increase high blood pressure 
  • - Increase risk of heart disease
  • - Ageing appearance
  • - Crave for food high in carbohydrates 
  • - Weight issues
  • - Weaken immune system
  • - Poor gut health
  • - Teeth Grinding
  • - Decrease metabolism
  • - Acne and other skin issue
  • - Irritation 
  • - Moody
  • - Brain Fog
  • - Anxiety
  • - Depression
  • - Low in productivity
  • - Bad Breath


Guide To Better Sleep

According to Chinese Medicine philosophy, the Ying and the Yang apply on our body clock, our bodies have different functions and missions at certain time in a day.  If you desire better skin, body function and mind process, this body clock table might be your friend.



 Other Methods

  • - Consume a cup of coffee before a 10 - 20 minutes power nap (2) for energy boost during the day and helps fall asleep easier at night
  • - Increase prebiotic consumption (3
  • - Increase DHA consumption to raise melatonin
  • - Start a consistent night and morning routine
  • - Avoid caffeine 6 hours before bed time
  • - Avoid blue light before bed ( red LED light therapy might help)
  • - Gentle stretch before bed time
  • - Add weighted blanket
  • - Bed is the only place for sleep and sex
  • - Hot shower or bath with essential oil to relax body and mind
  • - Light scented candle or inhale your favorite scent to ease your anxiety
  • - White noise or a relaxing music at night
  • - Meditation
  • - Lower the temperature in bedroom

We understand that you don't want to miss out all the events outside of work, however we have a challenge for you to kill the Sleep-deprivation bug while being easy on yourself.  Choose 1 method from the guide above to start with, slowly add in more every few days, and continue for 21 days (with faith). Finally, open your arms to welcome the new glowing you.


Your Companions

(move the mouse on the names)

Skin - calm inflammation :

  1. -  Nina Bailey Botanical Rose Body Oil
  2. Divine Company Purifying Series
  3. Skin Need Hyaluronic Acid + B5 Mask

Body - improve day and night hormone :

  1. Herbalore Catalyst Gold 

Mood - help relax and revive:

  1. Nina Bailey Pure Essential Oil
  2. Nina Bailey Candle
  3. Nina Bailey Perfume Oil
  4. Nina Bailey Room Spray

We'd love to hear from you about
1. How sleep-deprivation affects you OR
2. What's your best method to help yourself sleep like an infant. 
Share at the comment area down below and don't forget to subscribe our
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*Methods above are individualized.
**Part methods above might not apply on ADHD patients due to hyperactivity.

Stay Glowing  |  #selflove  |  #skinbodymind

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