He's Back

Stepping into the second half of the year, time to review what I’ve endeavored in the past 6 months. HE was the one who I’d love to share all these with.  Yes, “HE” means Mr. Savvy. It had been a long wait since we last met, long enough for my readers and friends start questioning. Instead of procrastinating or starting comprehensive prayer rituals, reaching out to this utterly busy frequent flyer in any way I possibly could was the only way to go. 

The Vibe

He's finally back to Montreal for a longer stay. He agreed for a catchup and went so far as to offer me a ride.  As a professional passenger for 3 decades and understood silence was the universal golden rule during car rides, my usual brave face along with nonchalance were decoded by his killer summer shades and affable vibe, that turned me into a cherubic protege all the way, couldn't stop sharing how my life has unfolded.

When we arrived at the restaurant, without hesitation, what I’ve learned from human behavioral research along with dining etiquette 101 quickly vanished from my head. To reduce my complete verbal diarrhea, I had additional help from him getting a couple of business calls which granted me space to reorganize in between.  



The Charm From The Brain

I noticed he quickly switched from English to French, not to mention French does sound charming, but that was one of the secrets for keeping himself vibrant at his age. According to a brain surgeon & neuroscientist Dr. Rahul Jandial, to retain 85 billion neurons between the ears, one must keep brain cells busy. It’s suggested that by handling the switching between languages, this will help with focus, attentive functions, and maximize the brain power, more so than those with only a singular mother tongue. 

3 hours passed rapidly, we had to end our conversation like last time. It was a great afternoon having a good listener like him to be my company, for sharing insights, as well as giving my appreciation on how much he has influenced me on choice making.  The good vibe keeps going all the way through the second half of the year. There’re so much that needs to be done but also so much to celebrate. This July 4 was definitely one of the highlights of my 2019.


Dr. Rahul Jandial MD., PhD

Dr. Rahul Jandial is a Brain Surgeon, a Neuroscientist, an Author for medical books. When he isn't performing brain surgery, he's leading a team of scientists in his Jandial Laboratory at City of Hope doing cutting-edge neuroscience research.


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