Phycojuvenine rejuvenates and protects the adult stem cells of the dermis to extend the youthfulness of our tissues while respecting the integrity of our skin.

Our skin cells die and are replaced by new cells every 21 days. This renewal is made possible by stem cells. Although stem cells ensure the daily renewal of our skin, they are only present in small numbers with a short life span and remain protected in the deepest layers of our tissues. As we age the skin renewal process starts to slow down, in fact from the age of 25, that slowing down starts to occur.


What Is Phycojuvenine G

Phycojuvenine G is extracted from the brown seaweed. A Kombu concentrate, the nutritional qualities of which are renowned in Japanese cuisine. It is also an iconic ingredient made by  Codif. it is known and recognized for its ability to maintain mitochondrial homeostasis and combat cellular aging.

It contains: Glycerin (60%) | Aqua (38%) | Laminaria digitata extract (2%)


What Is Laminaria Digitata

Laminaria digitata found in Japan and France. It is rich in polysaccharides and alginates, polyphenols and minerals and provides an energy reserve for our cells.


How it works

Phycojuvenine G acts on adult stem cells in the dermis in three ways:

1.  It restores aging adult stem cells of the dermis with their capacity for division thereby stimulating their action
2.  It protects adult stem cells from aging by preserving and prolonging their efficacy.
3.  It rejuvenates fibroblasts, stimulates collagen synthesis in mature skin and erases wrinkles.

In the skin, the activity of adult stem cells is stimulated by growth factors, such as cFGF (basic Fibroblast Growth Factor) in the dermis, the concentration of which gradually falls with age. The vitality, activity, and capacity for division of aging adult stem cells therefore decreases with time. This aging leads to a reduction in collagen synthesis and an accentuation of wrinkles.

The Beneficial Results

1% of Phycojuvenine G has been clinically proved to significantly revitalize adult stem cells in mature and old skin. Its action is optimal on mature skins, which recover a cell vitality equivalent to that of young skin.

Phycojuvenine G

1. A concentrated Seaweed Extract
2. Scientifically prove to increase the rate of cellular renewal
3. Stimulates the dermis

4. Restores aging stem cells rejuvenating their ability to 

produce higher quality dermis and epidermis
5. Smooth’s wrinkles
6. Restores cellular renewal to an optimum 21-day cycle
7. Supports collagen production
    How To Use
    It usually comes in water-soluble active to be used at 2% in:
    • A surgical cream
    • A regenerating anti-aging formula
    • An anti-aging restructuring fluid

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