Sense of Smell can trigger strong memories which could be good ones or bad ones. I always liked the smell of the nice shopping mall or spa that I used to go and it'd be wonderful to own them, bring back nice relaxing vibe and turn my own little space into my personal spa.

Nina Bailey is one of the top choices over in South Pacific Ocean, It is created by a mother and daughter duo, Tandra & Taylor, in Western Australia. They do not only make these magic potions to bring back the memories, they also create new ones for us.

They are an eco-luxury home fragrance and body care studio based in Perth, Western Australia. They believe in making the best there is, and doing it locally. Each product in their beautiful range is personally hand-made with intention and love by them. 

Their passion on delivering products that are good for us and the environment they combine clean design with sustainable materials. Special attention is made to sourcing premium ingredients with their candles being made with 100% soy wax, cotton wicks & phylate-free fragrances. Their luxury bath & body products contain pure, natural ingredients, organic where possible, and extra fine essential oils - no preservatives and no nasties (and no nasty artificial/alcohol smell, they surely make you smell like roses)