It often gives the impression of SOS, which stands for Shiny Object Syndrome.  Most of us chase for luxury due to its ability to fulfill our desire with the concept of freedom, it's a way to live or show being in abundance.

There're more layers deep down than just the surface. "Luxurious" represents far more powerful and abundant meaning.  It's an inner sensation you own and no one has the ability to take away nor buy from you.  Without feeling luxurious, you'd probably end up living like a vase without flowers nor water.



The word "Abundance" sounds quite intangible, especially when you're stressed about missing out what the mass chase for.  You'd slowly start focusing on the lack, losing confidence and projecting your lack on the others.

This inner sensation could be cultivated through tangible events.  The matter is if you allow yourself to let go what / who no longer serves you and let in what could benefit you in the long term.



Turn on your "airplane mode" in mind, connect with your true self.  Able to be aligned with yourself without feeling live in others' shadows is truly vital for your mental health.  As the science behind Skin, Body and Mind connection, your thoughts are powerful enough to affect your mood, hormone production, eating habit and the change of body/skin function, in order to determine what products you purchase. 
(Or the other way around, what you apply affects your hormone, then your mood and thoughts.  It's one big cycle!)

Start listening to your inner voice, fulfilling your soul with adding a dose of awareness on #selflove, set a date with yourself, disconnect with toxic information, reset your skin, body, and soul.  I promise you'll feel luxurious and abundant. 
View Luxury from different angles and allow yourself to place more flowers, pour some pure water in your own vase.  
Be the unbreakable, fulfilled vase, not the flowers that get replaced.

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