Scent is a distinctive and characteristic smell, especially one that is pleasant.  Scent also captures the moments that eventually become your personal memories.(Remember some scents resonate or bring up your memory?)

Scent doesn’t only bring back your memorable moments, but also delivers therapeutic properties due to its ability to activate olfactory bulb, stimulate Hypothalamus and pituitary gland, in order to balance your hormone production.

However, even though you have passion, blending essential oil or own skincare sounds complicated yet time consuming. 
This simple and quick recipe is suitable for beginner and designed to help those who seek to decrease physical and mental pain at ease.


CBD (along with other cannabis compounds) owns super antioxidant power which regenerates and rejuvenate your skin, while its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce swelling and proliferate calming effect.

The majority of users may thought CBD directly interact with CB2 receptor, however it’s not the case. CBD interacts allosterically with CB1 and changes the shape of the receptor in a way that weakens CB1's ability to bind with THC. And it has no particular binding affinity with CB2.  To embrace its own magic is by binding with TRPV1 receptors in your skin and body.

CBD has also been shown to inhibit lipid synthesis, which means it stops the oil production glands in your skin from over producing oil.

If you have Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum CBD, it contains a good amount of other cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids to begin with.  If the CBD that you have is isolates, you might need to seek terpenes or essential oils to enhance entourage effect.


Essential oil is an essence derived from plants.  It's main functions are
1. Nourishing (support)
2. Protecting (prevent) 
3. Resolving Acute Issues (heal)
4. Restore (Overall level of energy)

Its characteristic scent also known as therapeutic goodness due to terpenes.  Terpenes aren’t only found in cannabis plants, but also in other leaves, vegetables, flowers, and fruits.  It travels through your olfactory, all the way to your brain, and down to your endocrine system. That also explains why certain essential oils aren’t suitable for kids, during pregnancy, or who has hormonal issues.


Different essential oil has its own therapeutic properties, from anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidants, to anti-stress.  You might assume blend everything in one bottle is golden, however the more doesn’t mean the merrier.

You must remember that each essential oil is composed of some 50 to 100 aroma chemicals (and on top of it, CBD contains its own 60+ compounds), and if you blend three oils together you are actually blending a couple of hundred materials. We’d suggest don’t blend more than 5 essential oil together.  Find 2 essential oils to start with is the best way to go.

  1. Your Love Energy
  2. Glass Dropper or Pump Bottle

  3. 30ml Pure Squalane

  4. 10 Drops of CBD Oil

  5. 18 Drops of essential oil in your preference

  1. Add your love energy, squalane, CBD oil into the bottle and mix well.

  2. Now you have the base scent from the CBD-infused squalane, you can slowly add in essential oil until it reaches your ideal scent.

  3. You can separate them in smaller bottles, made easy for travel or outdoor use.

For Better Sleep : Apply few drops and gently massage around the temples, back of the neck, base of the nose area. 

For Pain Relief : Apply a few drops on the area in pain, massage until oil is absorbed.

For Better Skin : If the choice of your essential oil is made for face, simply apply a few drops on a clean face, massage upwards, to promote healthier youthful skin.


My Personal Favorites :

I love woody with a hint of floral and spice (complex and unique).  
Copaiba, Rose, Palo Santo are my go to.
I take CBD orally and rub my own signature CBD-infused oil (which my husband blended for me) on my neck and shoulders to help relax my tensed muscles before bed.

I'd also add Ylang Ylang into the blend CBD-Infused Squalane to help my kids go to sleep easier without anxiety, as Ylang Ylang helps reduce anxiety, relax muscles and quiet the mind.

What's your favorite in your own blend? Let's share down below


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