Adult Persistent Acne (APA)

Acne isn’t a stranger nor a patented condition for teenagers.  It's one of the most searched keywords when it comes to finding skin solutions.  Adults who are post-menopause have a higher chance to suffer from “adult acne” as well.  These types of acne are occurring and exhausting as the root causes are unable to be addressed the clueless dermatologists.

The old strategy would often be topical steroids and oral antibiotics, or worst, conditions are suppressed by prescribed chemical peels that formulated with toxicity.

Skin And Healing Process

Our skin is dynamic and it has the ability to heal itself rapidly. We can measure the speed of the body healing just by learning from the skin healing process. However, it needs to be supported by healing nutrients, not by being suppressed with toxic chemicals.

Skin Turnover

For skin issues such as Eczema, Psoriasis, and Acne usually go with skin turnover fact (skin life cycle), which is about 4 - 8 weeks.
However sufferers usually see their condition comes and goes, the occurring issues rebuild to the surface which means there is something more deep down than just on the dermis level.

What Is Acne

Acne is a word, an umbrella term for pimples, comedones, inflamed clogged pores, and unknown hyperplasias.

Here’s how to recognize the different enemies on the skin.  
1. If the pores in the skin are clogged and they remain open to the air, oxidized, and no bacterial involvement, they’re called blackheads.
2. If they remain under the skin and have not been oxidized, they’re called whiteheads.
3. There are also tiny comedones that can’t be seen without a microscope, they’re called micro-comedones.
4. However, comedones do have chance to get bacterial involvement, especially when pores associates with irregulated sebum production, progress to become inflamed pimples. Once they are more inflamed and the blockage eventually spreads outside of the pores.


Strategy and Address the Cause

Modern topical strategy
1. Retinoids, AHA, BHA are the go-to remedies for acne, as Vitamin A regulates cell turnover rates, it helps to improve sebum production, as well as the appearance of the skin and blemishes by removing dead skin cells off the surface like AHA and BHA (or also PHA) do.

Internal remedies
Acne is due to chronic internal issues that show up on the skin.  Skin is an organ on the outside, responses and acts the same way the inner organs do. So with that said, acne associated with our internal well-being. It acts as a warning of a higher risk of cancer, high diabetes, and autoimmune later in life.

In order to remove the underlined problems and reduce the amount of acne, let's have a look at the symptoms of these 7 types of acne, point out which one you can resonate with:

Androgenic acne
Gender: Mostly in male
Appearance: Zits on T-zone
Cause: Hormonal problems

Gender: Both male and female
Appearance: Oily skin (blood sugar high)
Cause: Stress, Testosterone, High sugar consumption

Condition of Immunity
Gender: Both male and female
Appearance: Acne all over the face and boil
Cause: Immune/defensive response, seems to be caused by certain food


Liver Lymphatic
Gender: Both male and female
Appearance: All over the back, arm, shoulder, sometimes all the way down to the butt, side of the face and jaw
Cause: Alcoholic or drug abused, toxic that’s been stored for a long time


Gender: Female
Appearance: Acne around the mouth, chin
Cause: Female hormone changes


Gender: Female
Appearance: Acne around the mouth, chin, side on the face 
Cause: Estrogen drops and male hormone are relatively higher


Adrenal Thyroid 
Gender: Female
Appearance: Oily and shiny skin, Pell and cracky
Cause: Chronic adrenal stress, hypothyroidism as thyroid regulates the skin oil, so the skin gets dried and build up acne.

(We’ll keep the revealing solution for each type of acne)

Could you identify which acne that you have?  Comment down below and share the most frustrating acne issue that you have dealt with or have been facing.

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