If you've been shy away from the oil-based products because you’re worried about acne, or water-based serum tends to be irritating, turns brown fast and doesn’t seem to absorb well at the same time.
And you aren't sure about which product is good for you even after reading our VC Cheatsheet, this handy guide is for you!



As we all know VC serum turns yellow or brown fairly quick as the molecule itself is extremely unstable, it reacts with oxygen and breaks down over time by being exposed in light, heat, and atmospheric oxygen.  

To protect the molecule in order to be delivered under the skin successfully, some manufacturers add in other antioxidants to protect the molecule. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work very well, so here comes an expensive but effective way to protect the VC molecule by surrounding it with fat.  It acts as a shield to stabilize the molecule and avoids the break downs. According to chemist principle “Like Dissolves Like”, this method also helps facilitate the movement downward into our skin as the layer of fat of our skin dissolves the fat (oil-based products) better.


Product | Skin Expert Nano-C Serum
Range | Skin Need’s clinical grade formulation
Texture | Light Oil
Details | Created by Biochemist and Skincare Formulator Christal Leung.  Its formulation contains 12% L-Ascorbate with olive derived Squalane.  Squalane is the most human skin friendly lipid, it has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing property.  The fat helps VC delivers to the skin deep, reduces inflammation as well as moisturizes the skin barrier at the same time.
Why We Love | Due to Squalane, it absorbs quickly into the skin.
Best Performance | Skin Brightening, Even skin tone, reduce fine lines
Best for | Oily, Combination, Normal, Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Dark Spots
Climate | Good for Dry to Humid weather


Product | Divine Woman Age Defying Gel Serum 
Range | The Divine Company Premium Spa Grade Range
Texture | Light Gel
Details | Owned by Aussie Health Advocate Miranda Kerr.  It’s the best Organic Certified grade C serum we’ve tried.  Its VC is derived from Native Australian Kakadu Plum, which contains super high dose of natural VC.  They use Aloe Leaf Juice, Camomile Flower Oil, Lime Oil, Grapefruit Peel Oil etc to protect the VC, and deliver anti-inflammatory benefits to skin.
(It also contains Vigna Aconitifolia Seed Extract which is a botanical alternative to Retinol, safe for pregnancy and nursing ladies)
Why We Love | Its fast absorption and non-oily gel texture helps smoothen out the skin.  
Best Performance | Reduces PIH / acne pigmentation appearance and uplift the skin.
Best for | Oily Combination, Normal, Sensitive, Mature, After Peel, Hyperpigmentation, Pregnancy & Nursing
Climate | Good for Humid or Rainy days 


Product | Transdermal C Serum
Range | Truth Treatment Systems Best Selling Product
Texture | Thick Oil
Details | Formulated by Pharmacist, Educator, Nutritionist - Ben Fuchs.  He infuses Licorice Roots, Chamomile, and Cholesterol into a high dose of premium lipophilic VC - Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate. It delivers VC and anti-inflammatory deep into the skin, bloodstream, cells, as well as keeping the skin barrier moirsturized.
Why We Love | Although it's a thick oil, it does absorb very well.  It speeds up the healing time, especially from the temporary sensitized state, makes the skin dewy and smooth
Best Performance | Reduce fine lines, plump up the skin, reduce sensitized state of skin.  
Best For | Combination, Normal, Dry, Sensitive, Mature, After Peel, Hyperpigmentation, Pregnancy & Nursing
Climate | From Dry to Super humid weather


Product | Transdermal C Balm
Range | Truth Treatment Systems Matrix Method
Texture | Silky Lightweight Clear Balm
Details | Transdermal Delivery Matrix (TDM) works as a web and trap nutrients, allows lipophilic VC effectively penetrates, reverses skin damages, and reduce discolorations.  It helps moisturizes, repairs damaged skin and signs of aging.
Why We Love | It spreads easily on the skin and enhance skin brightening
Best Performance | Reduce fine lines and heal sensitized skin
Best For | Oily, Combination, Normal, Dry, Sensitive, Mature, After Peel, Hyperpigmentation, Pregnancy & Nursing
Climate | From Dry to Super humid weather


Our Tips 

The products above are all concentrated without diluted by water, that means a little goes very long way.  
We suggest use VC on damp skin, it helps glide the products evenly and reduce the amount of products since it’s highly concentrated and in thicker form.

After applying VC on the skin, spend a little time to massage from the chin upwards to forehead, this motion helps work out the connective tissue, penetrate the nutrients into the skin and bloodstream better, as well as improves the circulation, in order to get rosy, robust skin.

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