It’s official Autumn.  You’ve probably pulled out the cashmere sweater that you’ve been waiting for, change your makeup color palettes, and induce Autumn loving seasonal food into your oven.  How have you started to think about the seasonal change for your skincare rituals.

Seasonal Changes

As a human, you adapt the environmental changes in order to survive. In the transitional period, sun exposure, humidity, air quality, food supply make more impact to your body than you’d thought it’d be.  Your skin might experience a 180’C changes.  For example in Autumn and Winter, your skin barrier will get drier or weaker due to the loss of hydration.  If you live in where covered in snow, the sunlight reflection on the snow could bounce back to your skin and cause more UV damage. 

What To Use

Skin Expert AKA
This is my new favourite in this Autumn.  Skin Expert is a professional line of Skin Need (most users compare them to Skinceuticals) . AKA is packed with active Vitamin A, Kojic Dipalmitate, and Peptide. It helps toning the skin, fighting age spots, make up collagen, as well as regenerate skin cells.  The best thing is if you have very thin or weak skin barrier and would like to try active vitamin A without any irritation, this one is for you.

MPA Extract
MPA Extract is an non-irritating exfoliant.  It helps skin-resurfacing, reduce signs of aging and brown spots.  I mix two drops of each and gently apply from my collar bone up to forehead before applying any other serum or night cream (I found the best is followed by Truth Treatment C Balm or omega 6)

Truth Treatment Systems Omega 6 Cream
This is a multipurpose must-have on skincare tray, first-aid box, or your purse.  Especially for those who suffer skin issues and easier to get uncomfortable sensation from the cold air.  Omega 6 Balm contains Jojoba and Argan Ester, Omega 6, Essential Oil healing properties. This would be your savior.

Skin Need Hyaluronic Acid + B5 Serum
If you have oily skin to begin with and sometimes hits breakout even in the cold weather, or the normal skin type that suddently have increasing sebum production due to the dryness.  This serum would be your helping hand to balance out the oil production while hydrating the skin.
Its signature property is a synergy of Vitamin B complex and sebum modulating herbs to balance skin moisture level and clear the skin.  It also helps calm and soothes the skin from redness and sensitivity if applied prior to any other skincare products.

Nourishing Ceramides + Desert Extract Cream Mask

This is my go-to savior whenever I go on flight, healed from peeling by using retinol products or being in a place with heater on most of the time.  It delivers highly potent nourishing improvement by its calming, rejuvenating, healing properties such as Plant Based Ceramides, Santalum Acuminatum Fruit Extract, Citrus Glauca Fruit, Acacia Victoriae Fruit, and most importantly is Frankincense Essential Oil.

Skin Medica Essential Defense Mineral Shield Spf 32, Tinted Sun Protection
This is my favorite sunscreen after trying numerous ones for years.  The ones I've had either broke me out or peeled off. This sunscreen does what it says.  It contains 5% titanium dioxide and 2% zinc oxide with a touch of color.  It's designed for post surgery used, gentle and perfect for who have had surgery, facial procedures, or skin issues in general.  
Due to the tinited color is still a tad lighter than my natural skin tone, I mixed a dose of sunshine drop.  It blends so well on the skin with a sheer look ( Note that I'm a lady who doesn't wear foundation )

Herbalore Catalyst Gold
Skin Health reflects what’s going on within.  Herbalore Catalyst Gold Contains Anti-inflammatories, Antioxidants, and Adapoten. It helps boost your immune system, support gut health (HELLO?! Winter food), fight free radicals. 

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