If you're a frequent flyer, so is your skin.

I’ve been flying back and forth between Montreal and Hong Kong lately.  This particular route requires connecting flights in Toronto or Vancouver, which tend to be long hauls between there and Hong Kong.

As the person who believes in sprezzatura and minimalist living, “Less Is More” is the key.  Unfortunately, when it comes to extreme climate and environment changes, it can cause a few extra pounds in the luggage due to extra sets of skincare, grooming tools, or clothes. 

After decluttering my skincare pouch, these following goodies were left to keep my skin at bay through climate changes.


My skin type |
When it's stable - Dewy, Hydrated
When it's messed up - Hypothyroidism Dry Flaky, Rosacea, Sebaceous Hyperplasia, Dehydrated, Sensitized

Left : Sensitized and redness show up from undernearth
Middle : Flaky dry skin, flared up, tho it was under control and only 10% of how it used to be years ago.
Right : Back to normal within 4 days

1.  Emergency Mask / In-Flight Mask
I made a mistake by stressing out and testing new products two days prior to boarding, my skin flared up with Rosacea and Sebaceous Hyperplasia.  It was patchy, dry, and inflamed.  

The luxurious creamy ingredients help reduce transdermal water loss on the barrier and rejuvenate the deeper layer with its nourishing ingredients.
Since it’s lightweight and can be used as an overnight mask, it’s been my fave long haul in-flight or after-sun care mask.

Texture : Creamy, light-weight, non-oily, easy to glide on skin and invisible after 5 minutes 


2. Makeup Remover + Cleanser

    I don’t invest in micellar water. Its structure does help cling to dirt or makeup but was originally designed back when only hard water was available.  It’s also good for occasional use like backstage or boutiques. It’s not ideal for daily cleansing, especially since it’s filled with alcohol and fragrance. I prefer to invest smart on what’s good for my skin.

    There're two cleansers I truly adore, one is from Eve Lom (no I'm not their affiliate), another one is Truth Treatment Systems Honey Cleanser.  When I don't use Eve Lom, I fill organic extra virgin coconut oil in half of a small container as it's got anti-bacterial properties, and a cream/oil based cleanser on the other half.  It’s a good solution to double cleanse my skin. If you have oily or normal skin type, use them separately. Start by removing makeup with coconut oil, then follow it up with the cleanser that suits you.

    The size 60ml is perfect for traveling.

    3. Serum 

      Serum is the most essential game changer.  I know a portion of people skip them for various reasons.  Serums are the ones that work with cells deep in the skin. Besides looking at active ingredients, the delivery system is also vital since it determines how potent it will be once delivered to the cells.  

      Due to high humidity in South-East Asia, HA+B5 serum could help sebum production stay under control.  All-in-one blends such as Truth Treatment Systems Hyaluronic Hydrator or Divine Woman Age Defying Gel Serum are also perfect under such climates if you have normal, oily, or a combo of both types of skin.  

      I personally adore Truth Treatment Transdermal C Serum as its an oil-soluble vitamin c offering increased cell protection against UVB. It’s also multipurpose, it can go solo without any day cream or can be mixed with concealer when needed. Skin Need Intense Nano-Lift Peptides Serum helps my skin stay plump and lifted throughout the day. 

      I mix Mineral Mist with a few drops of C serum, followed by Nano Lift and SPF/PA sunscreen during the day to help uplift my skin and get protected against sun damage.  
      (Click here to see more testimonials and mixology of Skin Need)

      4. Retinol 5%

        I can’t live without retinol at night, especially seeing the positive results after using it for over 6 months. You have to be careful though, as it has the potential to cause dryness to the skin.  As my goal was to reduce what I had to bring while traveling, I applied an overnight mask to seal the barrier after applying retinol.

        5. Mosquito/ Bug Bite Healer

          Yes! You can get bug bites everywhere.  Little did you know, Truth Spot Treatment is able to reduce the inflammation and itchiness of bug bites. And, in the spirit of keeping my luggage light, the bottle size is completely purse friendly.


          Besides pampering my skin with my beloved skincare, taking care of my internal health is vital as gut condition plays a big role.  Take care of gut health can sound very comprehensive, I'll make it simple on my next sharing.

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