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O U R   S T A N D A R D
Despite our growth, we will ensure our standards remain the same or change for the better, nothing less.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and is incredibly absorbent. Close to 60% of what we apply on skin enters the bloodstream. Very often those products are filled with unnecessary ingredients that can be potentially toxic to the body. We do not chase trends, instead, we maintain toxin-free, certified or scientifically proven products that are safe for use for the entire body.


All products that we sell must be authorised. We do not sell any replica products at the risk of our consumers’ health as well as our  brand and our partners’.

Most of our products are built by supply chains via non-profit collectives or organic farms. We believe their dignified work and effort deserve fair wages so we donate a percentage of profit to charities that support and give back to the communities, which also helps to create another level of spiritual luxury for both brands and customers.