With us, "Luxury" is a virtue of authenticity, humility, knowledge, contribution;
an essence to be viewed from every angle.  


noirstone.club is an haute lifestyle brand that focuses on Mental wellness and makes the self-healing journey easy for modern citizens through medicinal cannabis, herbs, molecule delivery systems, and mindful awareness. 


We handpick the world's top notch curated information, as well as information on the finest destinations to help raise awareness and harmonize skin, body and mindfulness for the modern, busy you. Wherever you are you can Discover, Shop and Experience with minimal restrictions and total convenience.



Discover: We are not interested in always being right, but we are interested in always having the right answer. 

Our Editorial Division includes exclusive interviews with influential leaders to share their challenges, the healing journeys they have taken and their accumulated wisdom. We also have educational and capsule-sized articles to help busy individuals understand the underlying issues and obtain solutions at ease.


Shop: Online retail for potent and healing topicals as well as ingestibles that help support your internal self-heal journey.


Experience: Learn about offline medicinal cannabis or mindful focused destinations, as well as environmentally friendly, gut-brain healing, mindful and soulful experiences.



Founder Nicole truly understands the human condition. As a survivor of an incurable health condition, and having experienced failed medical treatments to cure a tumor with only the support of loved ones with neurodiversity, she prioritizes wellness above all else. 

Nicole believes that overall wellness is impacted by environmental, physical, chemical, and mental stimulation. Nicole decided to follow the urge of being The Change instead of waiting for something to happen. She left her lucrative career in design and dived into finding ways to heal suffering, sickness, and emotional struggle.

Her journey led her to study ancient wisdom and modern science.  By combing knowledge from both worlds she has been able to find real solutions.

After her improbable journey of self-healing and her awareness of the common struggles facing most people, she founded a mission-driven online platform noirstone.club (Noirstone Ltd. ) , by collaborating with health professionals in various fields, she focuses on bringing curated information, healing products, and humanistic centered service to modern citizens.